Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common infections that usually occur when bacteria enter the opening of the urethra and multiply in the urinary tract. The urinary tract includes the kidneys, the tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder (ureters), the bladder, and the tube that carries urine from the bladder (urethra). Men, women, and children develop UTIs. 

UTIs usually develop first in the lower urinary tract (urethra, bladder) and if not treated, progress to the upper urinary tract (ureters, kidneys). Bladder infection is by far the most common UTI. A kidney infection requires urgent treatment and can lead to reduced kidney function and possible even death if untreated, severe cases. 

Approximately 8 to 10 million people in the United States develop a urinary tract infection each year. Women develop the condition much more often than men. 

treating recurrent utis

Women who experience frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs), an infection in any part of the urinary system but most often in the bladder and urethra, know the discomfort of the painful burning, urge and pelvic discomfort associated with them. 

While occasional UTIs are not uncommon in women and can be treated with a dose of antibiotics, frequent infections should be discussed with your WISH clinician. 

Your WISH clinician will start with a medical work-up to ensure nothing in the bladder is causing infection, and may also order diagnostic tests such as ultrasound, CT scan, cystoscopy or a urine culture. 

  • UTIs in younger women are typically associated with sexual intercourse. Your WISH clinician may prescribe antibiotics to take before and after intercourse to prevent recurring infection
  • For post-menopausal women, estrogen-based vaginal creams can help alleviate hormonal changes and vaginal dryness that can lead to frequent UTIs
  • Natural remedies such as vitamin C can be taken to acidify urine and help kill bacteria that cause UTIs

*This information does not replace a provider consultation. You should schedule an appointment with your provider if you experience any of these symptoms. 

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