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February 2018

The Women's Institute opened it's newest location in the heart of Nashville! Our new office began seeing guests on February 14th 2018. 

March 2018

The WISH MedSpa is pleased to announce that the CoolSculpting® procedure is available! Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY CoolSculpting® Consultation today!

wish open house
april 21st 2018

Join The Women's Institute on April 21st from 8am - 12pm as we celebrate the opening of our brand new Nashville office and the WISH MedSpa!


About WISH

The Women's Institute for Sexual Health (WISH) provides specialized care to women facing the unique challenges of sexual function and pelvic conditions. It is our mission to educate, treat and nurture each woman's needs for sexual individuality and better pelvic health. 


WISH Services

Your WISH clinician is a board certified urogynecologist and nurse practitioner in female urology, with expertise in female sexual dysfunction and is committed to providing holistic and compassionate care. 

We are dedicated to diagnosing and appropriately treating your sexual health concerns in a comfortable and confidential manner.


The WISH MedSpa

The WISH MedSpa is a wellness center specializing in CoolSculpting®, Facials, Peels, and all of your other favorite treatments! The WISH MedSpa Medical Director is Dr. J.J. Wendel - Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Schedule your MedSpa appointment Today!


Let's Talk About Sex

Female sexual problems are real. 43% of women report some alteration in their normal sexual function such as decreased desire, arousal, orgasms and pain with intercourse. Many clinicians are not trained to deal with female sexual dysfunction, but at WISH it's our specialty. It's OK to talk about sex. 


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Call the Women's Institute (WISH) at (615)250-9265 to schedule your appointment today!


Call The WISH MedSpa at (615)250-9276 or click here to schedule your WISH MedSpa appointment!